Who is MagCon Gaming?

MagCon Gaming is a group of gamers that are on one mission: To help gamers prevent sore thumb pain, blisters, slippage, gamer thumb and repetitive stress injury. All while helping them increase accuracy, improve overall performance and get more WINS! If you're tired of losing or not competing with the best, try our products to gain that extra help you need. It's easy!

Get Connected, Start Winning.

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  • Fits ALL Controllers

    Our patented magnetic silicone stick covers are a universal fit to all controllers. Use them on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC and even the Oculus.

  • Anti-Slip Technology

    Tired of your thumbs slipping off your sticks? Our anti-slip, magnetic technology allows you to retain grip better than ever before.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Our products help you better control your movement, resulting in better gameplay, increased sensitivity and enhanced accuracy.

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