About MagCon Gaming

              In this new age of gaming, one company has launched their products that will soon be wanted in the homes of every gamer on the planet. MagCon Gaming has done it. This magnetic one connect gaming technology will absolutely be the next generation of interactive interface for the future of gaming.                     

        The MagCon gaming mission has and always will be designed to help relieve thumb pain, slippage, soreness, fatigue, blisters, injuries, or any discomfort that distracts or interrupts your gaming experience.

         We are excited to release and deliver the only one of a kind product in existence that not only accomplishes this mission, but also increases your overall performance providing you with the Ultimate Interactive Gaming Experience. This one of a kind product lets you have complete control and the power to annihilate your competition on any commercial console and controller on the market today. 

       It is all about our patented magnetic technology. The MagCon covers and thumb-stick covers are N52 super strong rare earth magnets. The MagCon covers are light, medium, and strong connect to customize the gamer connect and release efficiently and effectively from the thumb-sticks. MagCon design lets the gamer manipulate the other controller components like action buttons and D-pad during high intensity games.

         MagCon's interactive interface will change the world of gaming. After a few hours of playing with the MagCon's connect, you can increase your controller look sensitivity. Soon you could be at the maximum sensitivity and be moving much faster. MagCon is highly recommended during first person shooter games if you want to win. Get connected and start WINNING!