You know that sore thumb you get from excessive gaming? Well, its real and affecting millions, yes millions of gamers every year and growing exponentially! What is the solution? Stop gaming? We don't think so. Take a break and stretch? Not me! That's the typical response and you know it. What happens If you're having these issues and decide not to take the medical professionals advice, to take a break or stop playing? You can permanently injure your thumbs and wrists that you need for day to day life. Most gamers don't care, they just want to play and WIN.



Tired of getting sore thumbs and slipping of the sticks? No solutions are available except taking a break and stretching for relief. Or worse, stop playing your favorite games. Great news gamers, we have another solution for you. We know, about time right? We finally got it perfected and ready to save the day. Keep playing your favorite games for longer with less to no thumb pain. It's really easy. Start playing with our patented magnetic connect technology. Maneuver the sticks with little to no down pressure. Over a short period of time you will retrain your brain to hold and play on any controller with the correct ergonomics.